Portable Stripper Poles

The newest latest craze at at bachelor parties, bachelorette parties is to learn how to pole dance with a portable dance pole . If you don't have access to a pole dancing instructor, then this is the ticket. Besides, after the bachelor party or bachelorette party is over you can give the portable stripper pole to the bride or groom you'll get thanked.

Show your friends your new portable stripper pole so they can learn about it. And if they are in to they will show their skills in fron of the whole bridal party.

The Portable Stripper Pole is easy to install and fits any ceiling between 7 ft. and 8 feet 6 inches. It doesn't require any nails or screws. It fits to the ceiling the same way that some shower curtain rods fit the wall.

StripperDancePoles.com Portable Party Pole or Portable Stripper Pole is our newest and totally stripper pole which has 24 inches of adjustment. Able to take from room to room. You can make it stationary or spin. There are no holes in the ceiling or floor.